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Save 930 on X Acto Prosharp Electric Pencil Sharpener

Save 930 on X Acto Prosharp Electric Pencil Sharpener

Clary Business Machines

X-Acto Prosharp Electric Pencil Sharpener is designed for high capacity with an extra large shavings receptacle and six different sized pencil holes. Smart stop feature shuts off the sharpener and a light illuminates when pencil is sharpened. Heavy-duty design is quiet, fast and safe. Sharpeners will not start unless receptacle is in place.

Quiet pencil sharpener offers a patented quieting system that reduces noise by 40 percent. SmartStop system LED indicates when you have the perfectly sharpened pencil. SafeStart system prevents sharpening until receptacle is in place.

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Electric pencil sharpener features a durable, rugged motor to handle high volume sharpening requirements. Pencil-Saver feature prevents oversharpening. The hardened steel blades ensure consistent, long-life performance. UL listed. CSA approved.

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Rugged, high-volume, commercial heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener is designed for the toughest jobs. Solid, all-steel, heavy-duty blades are ideal for rapid and constant use. Pencil Sharpener offers an extra-large, easy-to-empty shavings receptacle. Adjustable guide is designed for pencils of varying diameters. Exclusive Pencil-Saver prevents oversharpening. Auto Reset shutoff protects motor from overheating. Suction feet provide added stabili

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Electric pencil sharpener offers a trimline design for convenient use and high-impact polystyrene case for protection. Automatic cutting action starts when the pencil is inserted. Pencil-Saver feature prevents oversharpening. UL listed. CSA approved.

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High-capacity electric pencil sharpener utilizes dual cutters and heavy-duty motor for heaviest of jobs. Built-in fan keeps motor cool for extended use. Thermal overload switch shuts down motor before overheating and restarts when cooled. Auto-stop prevents over sharpening of pencils. Safety switch will not allow cutters to rotate when receptacle is removed. Pencil sharpener includes 6' power cord. UL/CSA approved.

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Electric pencil sharpener offers XHC cutter technology for 70 percent faster sharpening and 10 times longer life. SharpStop feature automatically shuts motor off to prevent oversharpening and reduce classroom noise. SharpGlow illumination provides a visual indicator when sharpening is complete. QuietSharp high-performance motor delivers continuous and quiet operation with built-in, thermal overload protection. MagnaSafe tamperproof safety switch

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Ready-made display showcases a variety of Baumgartens Pencil Sharpeners: 6 Wave Pencil Sharpeners, 6 Wave Two-Hole Pencil Sharpeners, 10 Single Hole Pencil Sharpeners with dust-proof receptacle, 14 Oval Sharpeners with recep

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Tub display showcases Baumgartens Trap Door Pencil Sharpeners with erasers. Cookie-jar design is made of clear plastic and has an opening at the top for easy access. Pencil sharpener features a built-in handy eraser, honed steel blades and a built-in, dust-proof receptacle. Made for use with standard-sized pencils. Dust-proof receptacle allows you to take it with you wherever you need to go without the risk of spilling the shavings. Pencil sharpener meets or exceeds standard for RoHS compliance for lead, mercury, bromine, chrome and cadmium. Tub display contains 25 Trap Door Pencil Sharpeners with erasers.

Baumgartens Translucent Trap Door Pencil Sharpener with Eraser
Laser-guided paper trimmer uses adjustable sliding-guide for precision cuts and the laser automatically illuminates for a no-error cut. The unit is lightweight for portability and its rubber feet help to keep paper trimmer i

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Use personal electric stapler for consistent, jam-free stapling of up to 20 sheets at a time. Uses standard staples. No cartridge required. Easy push-button front-loading. Throat depth is 3/8". Electric stapler holds 210 standard staples.

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Heavy-duty paper trimmer cuts up to 12 sheets. Adjustable guide delivers precision cuts every time. Durable wood base includes Imperial and metric measuring grips and nonskid rubber feet to prevent sliding and protect your worksurface. Self-sharpening X-Acto hardened steel blade has a safety guard that helps keep fingers away from blade. Trigger-lock safety latch secures blade when not in use.

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MRI Self Feeding Sharpener automatically feeds pencils and ejects them when pencils are sharp. Safe start machine will not start unless receptacle is in place. Design features a powerful DC motor, helical cutters and large shavings receptacle.

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Pencil sharpener delivers auto self-sharpening for pencils of various sizes. Simply place the pencil in the sharpener and the iPoint will do the rest. Auto sensor shuts off the iPoint once the pencil is at the perfect point, making sure you get the best result every time. Westcott's Titanium technology keeps the blades sharper longer. EZ View shavings reservoir makes it easy to see when your iPoint needs emptying.

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Electric pencil sharpener offers a trimline design for convenient use and high-impact polystyrene case for protection. Automatic cutting action starts when the pencil is inserted. Pencil-Saver feature prevents oversharpening. UL listed. CSA approved.

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Pencil drawer mounts on most BBF Series A and C desks. Brackets adjust in height. Low-profile drawer provides improved leg clearance. Routed groove holds pens and pencils to reduce clutter. Design offers engineered wood with laminate, a sloped front for reduced visibility, fully finished black interior and painted finish on the solid wood drawer front. Pencil drawer does not fit on the Series A 42" corner desk.

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Classpack assortments give students more than enough colored pencils to go around. The full-length pencils offer thick 3.3mm leads for break-free drawing. Convenient pack makes them easy to store and use. Assortment includes 33 each of 14 different colors. Pencils are certified AP nontoxic.

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Get organized with lustrous laminate finish pedestals that roll easily for optimal placement and quick access to contents. For more room, this space-saving unit may be positioned under 29-1/2" high peninsulas and modular shells. Freestanding mobile pedestal with woodgrain laminate finish features a pencil drawer, locking media and file drawers to store supplies, CDs and files. Media drawer organizer holds CDs (flat), CD jewel cases in the "label

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A striking combination of 23 karat gold appointments and chrome barrel, Medalist writing instruments are distinctive in appearance and renown for smooth writing. Features the patented propel-retraction mechanism.

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A classic designed barrel with engraved lines ensures a comfortable grip. Use a smooth, fluid action twist to extend pen or pencil point. Refillable.

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Teacher Pro Sharpener features smart stop that shuts off and a light illuminates when pencil is sharp and eliminating over sharpening. Safe start machine will not start till receptacle is in place. Design includes a very quiet motor, large clear shavings receptacle and an auto overheating shutoff.

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AntiJam Electric Stapler staples up to 45 sheets of paper using B8 Powercrown staples. Optical trip-fire mechanism delivers quick stapling with antijam feature. Stapler features easy front-loading, 6' power cord, 210-staple capacity and a low-staple supply indicator light. Stapler includes 5,000 1/4" staples. UL and CSA approved.

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Electric Portable/Desktop Punch offers effortless, automatic three-hole punching with the single touch of a button. Punch 9/32" holes through 15 sheets of 20 lb. paper at a time. Reset button is designed to clear jams. Use hinged clip door to empty. Electric punch operates on the included AC adapter or six AA batteries (sold separately). Battery life lasts up to 3,000 punches.

Save 367 on Swingline Portable Electric Hole Punch
Adjustable two-hole-legal or three-hole standard punch is compatible for any office. Design offers a simple push-button operation. Hole punch drills through up to 24 sheets of 20 lb. paper at a time. Paper alignment guide ensures perfect punching. Extra-large throat accommodates oversized paper. Jam reverse knob easily clears jams. Chip-view window lets you see when to empty the paper chip tray.

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Desktop electric letter opener automatically opens mail when inserted for easy one-handed operation. Accepts standard-sized business envelopes. Blades are fully enclosed to protect fingers. Nonskid rubber suction feet keep machine in place. Low noise operation makes it perfect for any office environment. Electric letter opener is ideal for small to midsize businesses.

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